Thursday, March 10, 2016

End Notes

March 10, 2016

I don't like an unfinished project and it has bothered me for two years that this blog was left incomplete.  We did complete the project of sorting our Family Photos shortly after my last blog post. 

I have referenced this blog twice in the last week.  This made me realize now is a good time to give it some closure.  I have re-read all of my blog entries and here are my "End Notes":

One of the best decisions we made during my mother's downsize was to pack the family photos "as is" and deal with them at a later date.  Photographs are irreplaceable.  We were able to enjoy the time spent organizing them and weren't making rushed decisions.  

Decide how you want to sort your photos and do a "gross" sort of that parameter.  We decided to sort by year, so our gross sort was by decade.  (In hindsight I would sort by Year and Season i.e.,  2016 - Winter, 2016-Spring, 2016 - Summer, 2016 - Fall and so on.  Our gross sort would still have been by decade)

Refine your gross sort one pile at a time.  Obviously, we dealt with each individual decade refining it by year.  If we had used my "hindsight sort" we would have then sorted each year by season.  

Make sure all supplies are archive safe; acid, lignin  and PVC free.  And cutting apart cheap "brag books" was really a great way to get economical archive safe envelopes! 

Do take the time to remove photos from albums that are not archive safe.  It's a time consuming pain but well worth the effort.  

Read Sundays With Sally for specifics of what I learned.  It's not a long blog and I did stumble upon some good tips through trial and error.  

Most importantly, enjoy the process!!!

Mother's Closet Before - Photo albums & boxes stored from move

Mother's Closet After - Photos sorted by year & stored in Archive Boxes

Personal Notes:  We have gone into the boxes for photos and were easily able to locate what was wanted. This sort has worked well for our family.  I am really glad I did this project with my mother while she is still in good health.  We truly did "enjoy the process" with much laughter and a few tears.  I would not trade one moment of my Sundays With Sally experience!  It is now a treasured memory along with all of our Family Photographs.

I had a spinach salad for lunch.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Decade Of The 90's Complete

February 23, 2014

The big brown 1990's box is now empty! And can you believe I ran out of storage boxes? I obviously returned too many. Looks like it's another trip to Michael's, this time to buy more boxes. Today was basically last week part 2. We continued to cut the fronts off the store envelopes using them to divide each year by month. We also dealt with all of the wallet sized photos of the grand-children's portraits. Brother, Sister and I seem to have taken our respective children at least 2 or 3 times a year for portraits then there were the preschool portraits, ballet portraits, soccer portraits, baseball portraits, hockey portraits, etc... This made for a lot of portraits.

Overall, the 1990's for The Turkekul's were all about Christmases, new babies, and 1st birthday parties with a few trips to Ocean City and Turkey in between. (And lot's of portraits...)

"Chocat Donuts" in OC the next generation
(an OC tradition;  warm  chocolate donuts from Fractured Prune, known as Josh's, when Sister, Brother and I were kids) 

1999 Portrait

Organizational Notes: Today I noticed a slight SNAFU with my envelope fronts. I realized that the envelopes had the price paid for development just below where I was cutting them. I adjusted accordingly to include the cost of development for historical purposes. (in other words, I think it's interesting information and therefore worth retaining)

And, re: the wallet size portraits: we all wrote dates and the ages of our children on the backs (so that was VERY good!). We sorted them by year and family, then put them in labeled archive envelopes. eg: Turkekul 1992; DiBiasio 1993; Stacy 1994 etc.

Personal Notes: We are very close to the end of this project. The only thing left on the table is a BIG stack of panoramic photos and a few from the 2000's. My dad purchased a panoramic camera sometime at the end of the 1990's. These pictures are not going to fit in the storage boxes. When I go to Michael's I'm going to have to find an alternative for them. I have a feeling it's going to be a document box like the one I used for large portraits, the only problem is the pictures won't have room to "stand up". Here are my favorite photo finds from today:

My Father's Uncle (80-something yrs old) in his fig tree in Turkey
(I love this picture! I think it looks like an ad for yogurt)

Me & my children in  OC - 1994

We had Chicken Divan made by Sister... it was delicious, too bad she wasn't able to join us.

Stepping Through The 1990's; Here Come The Grandchildren

February 16, 2014
Today we started on the big brown box that was under the table in the "rough sort by decade" picture from my very first post.  It contains the 1990's or as we call it, "The Decade Of The Grandchildren".  (We had 7 children born between 1990 to 1996.) This box looked far more intimidating than it has turned out to be.  Again, pictures were in envelopes and not albums.  And my father wrote the date on the envelopes when he dropped off the film to be developed.  He seems to have taken in about 1 roll/month.  I cut the fronts off the envelopes to preserve my father's writing and to separate the rolls of film within each year in the storage boxes. It's basically working to sort each year by month.

The first 3...  

All 7...  Cousins; your first friends
My 2; Brother's 2; Sister's 3
(We apparently lined them up on couches quite frequently.  And every time one of them would be unhappy about it. )

Organizational Notes:  We are, once again, using post-it notes by year to sort the pictures on the table. But the process is going very quickly.  I'm really liking the use of the envelope fronts as dividers within the year.

1990's sort with envelope fronts as dividers

Personal Notes:  We had a little 2 week hiatus while I was in Costa Rica celebrating my birthday.  It was a great trip.  And here is my favorite photo find from today:

My Son (2 yrs old) with my Grandfather (80-something yrs old) in OC

We, yet again, carried in from the Greenspring's dining room.  I had a strip steak and fries.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flying Through The 1980's

Jan. 19, 2014

The 1980's are going very quickly! For one thing, the pictures are in envelopes and not albums. Also, most of them were developed with the date stamped on the back.  The 1980's was a decade of big events for my family... 2 high school graduations, 3 college graduations and 3 weddings.  This makes for easier dating of photos. 

To celebrate the Easy Eighties here is a picture of my college graduation:

Longwood College 1983

Organizational Notes:  Because the pictures are coming out of envelopes we are not having to sort them on the table under the sticky notes.  It's actually very nice! We just pull them from the store envelope and quick sort the pack by event. We then put them directly into the archive envelopes, slap on a label for the event, and file in the appropriate archive box.  We are throwing away duplicate photos and negatives as we plan to have the pictures scanned to digital format when we are finished with the project.

Regarding storage and boxes:  Lesson learned, don't label the archive boxes until at least the end of a decade.  We are finding that the boxes' contents shift as more pictures are organized.  Temporarily use a post-it to label contents. 

Personal Notes:  Sister joined us today. There was much laughter.

We ordered a Fiery Hawaiian pizza

Happy New Year! Back Into The 70's And Trips To Turkey

Jan. 5, 2014

Happy New Year! As it turns out, we did not quite finish with the 1970's.  It seems Sister had several of those wonderful magnetic photo albums from our 1976 family trip to Turkey at her house.  And in my broad sort I placed pictures of 1985 and 1995 trips to Turkey into the same pile.  So, while I spent the day struggling with the removal of pictures from the albums (see Organizational Notes) Mother got to enjoy a trip down memory lane separating the 1985 and 1995 pictures.  Her project was super easy because for the only time ever my Father wrote on the backs of the 1985 photos to include the date. 

Turkey 1976 - Camel Trauma

(Picture from the rogue 1976 albums. Sister & I were made to sit on the camel...1. Camels are very mean and big & scary 
2. Camels stink 3. I did not want to sit on the camel and was terrified every time it moved. I wouldn't let them have it stand up, it's kneeling in the pic 4. Notice Brother did not have to sit on the camel...)

Organizational Notes:  The pictures were REALLY stuck in these albums.  I had to take a hairdryer and melt them out which was tricky because I kept accidentally blowing Mother's piles. Then the pictures were curling from the heat.  So I left them for the week pressed under books. 

I'm pretty sure Mother's hair dryer dates back to the 1970's

Personal Notes:  It was such a great surprise finding my Father's hand-written notes on the backs of the 1985 photos! He wrote some in English and some in Turkish; I figure he was writing in whatever language he was thinking at the moment.  

My parents in front of the house where my Father was born -Tepecik, Turkey

We carried in from Greenspring's dining room. I had bean soup and a French dip sandwich.  (If we'd known we were going to be spending the day doing pictures of Turkey we could have planned a Turkish meal)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The End Of Another Decade

Nov. 24, 2013

We have finished sorting the 1970's! To celebrate here is a picture of my 18th Birthday:

February 6, 1979

Organization Notes:  Now that we have finished two decades of photos I am starting to think that a more logical way to sort the boxes is by year and then seasons within the year. (eg:  Winter 1979; Spring 1979; Summer 1979; Fall 1979) I am worried that my mother may pop a cork if I suggest we go back to resort the boxes up to this point.  So, we'll move forward with this new sort and I'll quietly go back and re-do the finished boxes... or we may just press on...

Personal Notes:  Much to Mother's chagrin, we need to take a sabbatical for the Christmas Season.  (The clutter in her den is starting to bug her.) See you next year!

We ate Turkish; borek, feta cheese and black olives.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Rolling Through The 1970's

Nov. 17, 2013

Now that we are done (for the most part) with the old photo albums things are really progressing.  It is much faster when you don't have to extract photos from ancient albums.  
Organization Notes: We are continuing to sort photos by year onto the table then at the end of the day we move the "year" piles to the photo archive boxes.  Today we were able to use the following steps:
  1. Pull photos out of the envelope they came home in
  2. Try desperately to determine the exact year
  3. Sort photos by events on that roll of film 
  4. Place photos by event into the archive envelopes
  5. Enjoy reminiscing!   

The 1970's Sort

Personal Notes: It was just Mother & I today.  We are finding so many photos that we want to send to friends.  My scanner has been a great investment!  I can just scan and email.  Taught my mother about Snapchat.  We sent a "lovely" pic of us to my nephew who responded with one of his own. (Just what every 22 year old wants... to Snapchat with his Grama and Aunt! But, I loved the irony of it!)

Favorite Photo Finds Of The Day:

Newborn Fowl - Uncle Dick's Farm 1969
 (It's an errant 1969 photo that showed up today; rest assured it is now in its appropriate storage box.)  

Sister & Me with my Father's Sister in Turkey - 1971

Sister & Me - New York 1977
 (Not sure about our facial expressions but I love the skyline in the background.)

We carried in dinner from the Greenspring's dining room.  I had a BLT & split pea soup; I seem to really like those BLT's...